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Architecture and Planning today deal with the same essential elements discussed by Vitruvious in 27 B.C. His concepts of "firmness, commodity, and delight" have been translated into the contemporary terms of "form, function, economy, and time."

It is the degree to which the design professional achieves a delicate balance between these elements that determine the relative success of a project. Producing that balance by applying with experience and judgement the talents of carefully selected professionals is the continuing philosophy of jdm Associates.

The client's needs are the exclusive direction for all work undertaken by jdm. Programming, long term needs assessment, and master planning are given priority in every project; whether provided as a separate service or as part of a specific construction effort.

Pragmatic attention to realistic budgeting and use of space is never compromised in favor of so-called "design-oriented" architecture. We believe that successful works of architecture and planning result from dealing with the needds, aspirations, and financial means of each client.

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